Conception of Writing


Writing is one of language skills that must be learnt by the students besides the other language skills. Most of people use writing skill every day such as in writing report, letter, diary, note, e-mail, job application and so on. Nevertheless, as a productive skill, writing skill has been recognized as a difficult subject by the students. The students require a lot of time when they will start putting their ideas, make sentences and compose the sentences into a paragraph.

Harmer (2004:3) states that in the context of education, it is also worth
remembering that most exams, whether they are testing foreign language abilities or other skills, often rely on the students‟ writing proficiency in order to measure their knowledge. Furthermore, Zemach and Rumisek (2005:v) state that writing is a very important part of your university study. You will write assignments that may range from one paragraph to several pages long, and will write answers on tests and exam that may be a few sentences long or a complete essay. This indicates that unconsciously, writing is a skill often done by everyone, especially by students such as making assignments, making notes or learning summary in notebook, answering brief essay test, writing a report and so on.

Langan (2008:13) argues that writing is a skill, not a natural gift. It is a skill like driving, typing, or cooking; and, like any skill, it can be learned and practiced. It means that writing skill is not a natural talent possessed by everyone; therefore, it is needed much work hard and practice continuously in learning this skill. Every student or everyone will find the difficulties when they will begin to write something, since in a good writing the students have to know the construction of sentence. In addition, the writers must think carefully before writing something to
make sure that the readers can understand the content of the text. Nevertheless, they may not surrender even though this skill is difficult for them, by much learning and practicing, it can improve their writing skill to achieve the maximal result.

In supporting statement above, Harmer (2004:33) argues that writing is
frequently useful as preparation for some other activity, in particular when students write sentences as a preamble to discussion activities. This gives students time to think up ideas rather than having to come up with instant fluent opinions, something that many, especially at lower levels, find difficult and awkward. Therefore, writing is very important for students because students are not only writing in the lesson of writing; however, it is also required in four skills since writing has been included in four skills. Furthermore, the students also firstly write their opinions in a discussion before their opinion is expressed in oral form because it can help the students especially for students who cannot fluently express their opinion orally.

Writing as a skill, the importance of teaching writing is a basic skill, as
important as listening, speaking, and reading. Students need to know how to write correctly, how to write a report, and how to write by using electronic media.

Furthermore, Weigle (2002:4) states that the ultimate goal of learning to write is, for most students, to be able to participate fully in many aspects of society beyond school, and for some, to pursue careers that involve extensive writing. Teaching writing is very important. Through writing, the students can reinforce the grammatical structure, vocabularies, ideas, punctuation and also can explore their creativity and potential to be developed further. Writing enhances language acquisition and developing their thought critically; therefore, teaching writing becomes very important to students. Writing skill can be mastered by working hard and practice continuously; thus, a writer can construct a good writing which can improve his or her communicative ability in written form and assist the writer to share their ideas, knowledge, feelings and opinions to other people.

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